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Andy did a radio interview to talk about Brains For Breakfast and play a few tunes for the show. The whole interview was recorded so check it out on the video below 


15.04.18 -check out our music video for "10 hour delay" filmed by brains for breakfast and lauren may while we we're playing in Switzerland  :)


24.03.18 - Excited to announce we will be supporting Mark Morriss from The Bluetones next month! Back in 2015 Andy played with him when he headlined the second stage at Finfest. Tickets are £6 and can be bought online.                                                                                                                                   



09.03.18 - New single "10 Hour Delay" will be released on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music among other platforms. Contact us to receive a free download :)                                                                                      



28.02.18 -  Easter weekend we will be playing in Switzerland for two nights at Shamrocks in Lucerne. It will be Ben's first time playing there, cannot wait for this!!




25.02.18 - Hey guys! Been playing a few gigs to start the year. Have a few more gigs coming up next month in Solihull, Stoke and then Switzerland at the end of the month. Check out this video I did for Live In The Living Room at the end of last month :)



02.01.18- Happy New Year everybody! 2017 was a great year. I released a live album, got a bassist, played 4 weddings, did 2 tours in Switzerland, did my first ever Sofar Sounds gig and played a total of 56 shows throughout the year.

Already have some gigs planned for 2018. first one of the year at The Flave in Solihull, 6th January playing solo, Hogshead in Wolverhampton on the 16th February. I'm also excited to return to Shamrocks in Lucerne, Switzerland, but with Ben on Bass this time, doing 2 shows on the 30th and 31st March!! 


06.10.17- What a fantastic gig we had at The Patrick Kavanagh in Moseley, Birmingham. It is part of the No Covers Club that Manny Mckenzie runs. It's good to have someone who is so passionate about original music, to run nights like this. He does another night in Lichfield. Me and Ben meet some great musicians, we also played with our good friend Sam Draisey.








04.10.17 - We have a new live video that we have done, for the song 10 Hour Delay! Filmed by MRG Media at Pirate Studios in Digbeth, Birmingham as part of #Strippedback live videos.



03.09.17 - Thank you Codfest! Great to play on The Back Porch Stage Saturday night. Jarrad from David Young and the Midnight Chorus took a hand on the Cajon for the set. Big turn out and the crowd were wild. Cannot wait for next year now! One of the last festivals of the year, bring on the next gig :D








27.08.17 - This week, proud to announce we will be playing Codfest! This is the first time to play Codfest as a duo, playing Back Porch acoustic stage, before David Young and The Midnight chorus at 8pm. See you there! 





24.06.17 - Welcome bassist Benjamin Stanaway - since coming back from Switzerland, I have been playing with a friend of mine and now he is a bassist to make Brains For Breakfast a Duo. Very much look forward to playing shows and eventually recording new material hopefully towards the end of the year.





08.05.17 - Mini tour in Switzerland! 

After my last run of gigs in Switzerland, I'll be returning for another long weekend of gigs. It will be great to see people that I met from last time, and play some new venues to add to the ones I have already played. My friend, Benjamin Stanaway (bassist from PÖRK)  has designed a poster for the mini tour.



 Switzerland mini tour April 2017 - first time going to Switzerland to play shows, I played 3 shows over the Easter weekend:

Hop Bar 13, Stans

Aifach Lakeside Bar, Weggis

Shamrock, Lucerne 

 great shows and very supportive audiences, I will be returning again and hope to be a regular on the Switzerland music scene  



April 2017 - New Live Album Release: My new live album "Uke-nited Kingdom", is out now on all major digital stores: Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, Apple Music and Amazon. It's free to listen to on streaming sites and available to buy!

Limited edition hard copies are available. Message me on Facebook or email me for to get a copy sent to you, selling them for £5 plus postage.



The music video from the album "Uke-nited Kingdom" for my song "No Fear Over Here" was recorded at Birmingham City University. Check out the video below:


10.10.16 - Chameleon Studio Live Videos:  "Red Romance" and "No Fear Over Here" live videos from Chameleon Studios in Walsall:


07.02.17 - one of my personal fave gigs was playing at the Institute supporting "SayWeCanFly."  the audience were incredibly supportive of my music, and even saw a few people singing along to my songs. This was the second time playing this venue, as I played it last year in February 2015 supporting the very funny "Hamell On Trail." I even got to support him on the next date of the tour at "Bush Hall" in Shepards Bush in London.

(supporting SayWeCanFly Feb 2016)


02.05.17 - Check out my release as a duo for the "Plains For Breakfast E.P" a Collaboration with artist "Plain And Simple" to create Hip Hop/Acoustic vibes. The single and music video for "Short Term Pain"  features model and Miss Birmingham 2015 Katie as main actress. My friends at "Lumina Studios" created a special bike helmet with 2 cameras attached to it to create the first person effect. Check it out below 

The video was uploaded on JDZ media which features some of the biggest artists in grime (Sox, Bugsy Malone and Devilman.) We had airtime on BBC WM as well as a live session/interview with presenters Jack Parker and Louise Brierley.


(at BBCWM with Joe Cheeseman from Chameleon Audio)



2014 release "Blood, Sweat and Broken Years" I recorded at "The Twang's" previously owned studio, also where Birmingham band "Jaws" recorded their Debut Album. It featured my first collaboration, with London artist "Benjamin Yellowitz," recorded and co-written at his home studio in  London. This track "Colliding Faith" was aired on BBC WM at the end of 2014.

Also on the E.P, one of my favourite moments throughout my music journey was recording the video for "While We're Still Here." I filmed my Inter-rail trip running past famous monuments and documenting my personal faves along the way, with the help of filming from my travel buddy and good friend Lauren May.



  "Blood, Sweat and Broken Years" E.P is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music along with many other formats, the link available to the iTunes is at the top left of the page. 

 As well as the release of "Blood Sweat and Broken Years" in 2014, I did a month long tour with "David Young" and "Dan Salt" which we named the "Dude Where's Your Car Tour.

Twenty scheduled shows, along with other last minute shows that we organised. I was the driver of the legendary van that got us around on tour, along with being photographer/video person/dad figure amongst everything else, involved in tour life. 


We documenting the whole tour from audiences and people we come across. I got them to shout "Dude Where's Your Car" it was a fantastic way to remember the people we met along the way. 



 Justin Timberlake, Mcbusted, LG Arena Forum supports, "Sway" Music Video and BBC WM support: In music timing can be everything, and on the release of my music video for Sway, it couldn't have gone any better. On the weekend release of the teaser Video, I played at the LG Arean Forum in Birmingham before Justin Timberlake on the friday, had the Track Sway played on BBC WM Saturday night. The release of the full video for "Brains For Breakfast - Sway" soon after. 

 The video was recorded by the same team behind filming for the TV show "Made In Chelsea." A guy from my school Martin Moseley was the guy who made everything possible as he worked for the film company. The Power Rangers Megazord was the main feature of the video, with use of  green screen special effects to create a whole new light and bring the song to life



(LG Arena Forum before Justin Timberlake) 


Work.Rest.Play E.P - I think the music I created during the Work.Rest.Play era was my proudest recording and writing moments. As mentioned before the track "Sway" was on this E.P but the video came later on. The track "Orla" was always a crowd pleaser and had an exciting time  recording this, as it was orginally only meant to be straight up acoustic. Eddie Thomas the producer pushed me to my limits and together we produced some great music.

The title track Work.Rest.Play had it's own artwork. If you have followed me, you will remember the alien eating brains. Looking back now, I should have used this as the main Artwork. At the E.P launch there were a limited amount of the picture with added extras available for Limited Edition as the printed versions hadn't arrived on time! (Not many people knew that). 


                                          (Brains For Breakfast Artwork,                                             Work.Rest.Play)



 Along with the E.P was a tour, with my two flat mates at the time Joe and Craig. This was a 14 day tour across England that was documented by my friend Craig. There is a 4 part tour film along with a blog written up on WordPress, click on the link below.